Day 11…

I woke up with really bad cramps. The rush of carbs that I packed into my stomach the night before was not sitting well at all. This is the reason why I hate sleeping right after I eat.

I was pretty much full until lunch. I still had cravings but was able to kick them out of my head.

I’m pretty proud of myself because I thought it would’ve been hard for me to get back into the no carb groove.

Yay me!!!

Stay tuned…

Day 10…

I decided to stop blogging everyday as I wasn’t feeling any symptoms from the diet change. I guess my body is used to it now. I didn’t want to bore you guys with a #sameshitdifferentday story lol

It’s Saturday and I’ve been up since 5 am.  Not sure why. Maybe it’s because it’s Carb Nite!! 🙂 I’m so excited lol. And to top it all off I’ll be celebrating one of my sisters’ 21 birthday. So it’s going to be an even better Carb Nite. I’ll definetly have a lot to say today lol

I just weighed myself and I’m so happy I lost 6 pounds. I’m sure some of it is muscle loss but I know I’m able to put on muscle easier than loosing fat.

I’m ready to start my carb nite but have know clue how to start lol.

So I decided to start with some shots not too much because I do have to drive in about 3 hrs. These honey roasted peanuts taste so good. But my banana chocolate muffins were a little dry lol. It doesn’t help that I made them 5 days ago either. #ohwell I need carbs right now.

At the restaurant I was torn between pizza and pasta. Wanted both but my stomach couldn’t handle it lol.

Had some tortellini and lots of wine and cake of course. When I got home I felt like I was going to explode. A feeling that I haven’t felt since I was eating carbs. All I could do was go to sleep which I usually don’t do cause I get bad cramps in the morning.


Day 5…

Work went by pretty smooth today. Although I prepared my food, I didn’t have a snack for the afternoon. So I had a little panic attack. Went to the store on my lunch break and didn’t see much of what I wanted. The avocados were so tiny and expensive. I refused to buy them. In between working and chit chatting with my colleagues, my work day was complete. My lunch kept me full enough until I got home.

Dinner was awesome. Chicken wings 🙂 on previous diets chicken wings are frowned upon as they are somewhat fatty. I enjoyed every bite along with my huge salad.

My boyfriend made us a “brownies” with eggs, cocoa powder, stevia, unsweetened dark chocolate and unsweetned shredded coconuts. They are so good. #sweetcravingfufilled

This is journey is going great.

Let’s do this Day 6…

Day 4…

I’ve been busy all day so this will be short and sweet.

Today was a great day. Any symptoms. I guess my body is starting to get used to the minimal amount of carbs I’m eating.
My sweet tooth was kicking my ass though today so I had grapes. Only 5 (gotta watch the carbs). They tasted like candy lol. So sweet am juicy. Oh man talking about them now is making me want more. #notcavingin

Back to work tomorrow. Hopefully without any nodding off episodes lol

My 1st carb nite is soooooo close. Can’t wait. 🙂

Hello Day 5…

Day 3…

It’s a Saturday which means trying to stay in bed as long as possible. In my books, 830 AM is late enough for me since I’m up at 530 every morn lol.

I had a lingering headache which turned into a migraine since last night. My boyfriend said it’s the diet change. I’m sure he’s right because I took to ibuprofens and a slight headache is still hanging on for dear life.

Again breakfast was hard to come up with. With the help of my daughter we whipped up something we both could eat.

My day went by great. Had some snacks on the road which helped. And my headache finally went away. The only symptom I had was on and off heat flashes like I’m on menopause lol. I’m definitely too young for that. I’m only 35 damn it.

Let’s do this Day 4…

Day 2…

Usually I’m tossing and turning anywhere from 1hr to half an hour before my alarm goes off. This morning was different, didn’t hear mine or my boyfriend’s until he jumped up which scared the shit out of me and woke me up. My eyes were red and dry as if I had pink eye. Could it be the increase in protein and salt in my diet? Not sure. One thing is for sure I wasn’t tired like the other days.

Preparing most of my food was challenging. My fridge is running on empty (groceries only happen on the weekend for us lol). So I basically have a bunch of different meats and cheeses as food/snacks. And I ate turkey for breakfast. As long as I ate #itsallgood.

It’s official…I’m craving something sweet and it’s killing me 😦 what can I possibly eat that is sweet with very little carbs??? Fruit is out of the question because it’ll increase my carb intake and I’ll be screwed for the rest of the day. Did I mention I have a sweet tooth? #itsgoingtobealongjourney

If my mouth is supposed to be dry like the Sahara dessert all the time than this is gonna sucks balls lol

I just swallowed my lunch and am now sweating like it’s the middle of July. I hope this isn’t a daily symptom.

Oh god…here comes the afternoon feeling-like-i-want-to-nap mode.

I had some things to do before I got home but was feeling hungry. I quickly discovered that I gotta walk with snacks…carbs are everywhere lol. I quickly got a headache so figured it was because I needed to eat.

Supper went down smooth but unfortunately I went over my carbs by just a bit. Still have a headache also.

Man Day 3 better be good.

Day 1…

Planned out most of my food for the day except for supper. I’ll admit, I was having a hard time figuring out what to eat. It’s surprising how much carbs are hidden in foods lol

The morning went by smooth. Getting close to lunch, I’m feeling light headed and really want to eat. I keep staring at my computer at work as if I’m on a pretty good pain med lol.

Shit I just nodded off. I hope no one noticed. I think I’ll have to bring more food to snack on in between breakfast and lunch tomorrow. #thestruggleisreal

I’m eating my lunch now and it’s as if it’s the last supper lol. I think I’ll make a quick run outside for some snacks. This wonderful -2 Celsius we’re having today will surely wake me up.

The snacks did the trick #thankyoujesus. I was in panic mode.

I was really craving sweet potatoes. I thought a small piece wouldn’t hurt. Who was I trying to fool lol. 2.2oz has 12.9g of carbs. Guess I’ll be keeping it until my 1st carb nite. BTW the beginning phase of The Carb Nite Solution is 10 days. So far, I’m doing good 🙂

The rest of my evening went pretty well.

Day 1 was a success!!!

Next up, Day 2…

The journey begins…

Hey everyone!

This is my 1st time writing a blog so bear with me if it’s a little boring lol.

Since 2012 I have been on and off loosing weight by tracking my food (thanks to My Fitness Pal) and working out. It worked very well, but I stuck to it basically until summer arrived. So for me that was about 6 months only.

I was happy with what I looked like, but some of my close circle of friends and family did not. It made me pretty sad as I had put my all into loosing those 20 lbs. I unfortunately am now back to the weight I was at in 2012 when I started dieting.

Although I’ve been going to the gym eating somewhat right, I am just tired of counting and weighing. So I wanted to write this and give my views on this whole ultra-low carb diet thing that’s slowly becoming the new rage.

We’ve all heard of the Atkins diet and I personally know people who have done it and gained back their weight pretty fast. I have decided to try The Carb Nite Solution. My boyfriend has been doing it for about 1 month and he looks great. The diet seems pretty easy. I mean who wouldn’t want to eat cheese, bacon, pepperoni, steak etc as much as they want lol. I know I do.

This blog is solely based on my opinions and none of the names I have mentioned have put me up to it.

Here goes Day 1…